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Artificial sports surfaces


Comprehensive construction of playing fields


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Artificial decorative turfs:


Backfill-free turf made of straight and twisted monofilament fibres imitating quartz sand. Ideal for playgrounds. Natural look and feel.


Turf made of fibrillated polypropylene corrugated fibre. Does not require backfilling with quartz sand. Suitable for playgrounds, mini-fields, recreational areas.


Decorative turfs are synthetic turfs consisting of 2 types of monofilaments – straight green and twisted beige-brown, supporting straight fibres and imitating sand.

Decorative turfs are dedicated to recreational and landscape purposes. They are an excellent innovative decoration for gazebos, terraces, balconies, swimming pools, public areas (roundabouts, picnic areas, etc.). Decorative turfs give the effect of a naturally, perfectly trimmed lawn, thus bringing harmony to the arranged space.

RICCOPREMIUM turfs spare you the time required to care for a natural lawn.