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Artificial sports surfaces


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Artificial turfs for tennis courts:


Turf made from monofilament. A novelty in tennis turfs. Thanks to the use of single fibres, the most optimal conditions for tennis are achieved.


Turf made of fibrillated fibre. Available in green and brick-red. Suitable for tennis courts and playing fields.

RiccoMono 4G

RiccoMono IV Football surface is a 4th generation synthetic turf, or so-called ‘backfill-free turf’. Backfill-free turf is made of straight and twisted (crimped) monofilament fibres. The twisted fibres imitate sand and support the straight fibres. Thanks to the use of high-quality fibre, the turf meets the highest requirements and can be used on large-area playing fields.


Artificial turfs made of monofilament or fibrillated fibres with a height of 10mm-15mm backfilled with quartz sand are used on tennis courts. The most common height of artificial turf used on tennis courts is 15mm. The best turfs for this sport have a density of 70-100 thousand fibres/m2 for fibrillated turfs and 300-400 thousand fibres/m2 for monofilament turfs. The turfs have certificates from independent accredited laboratories (ISA-Sport, Labosport) confirming their compliance with the requirements of the International Tennis Federation – ITF.

Synthetic tennis turfs can be used on both outdoor and indoor tennis courts. Artificial turf surfaces are highly permeable, a feature that is extremely important in open courts. They can be laid on suitably prepared concrete substrates (usually in halls) as well as on stone aggregates (outdoor courts). They are designed for both competitive play (professional courts) and amateur play (recreational courts). They offer the possibility to use the court all year round, while on natural grass the playing season lasts 8-10 months. Our offer includes surfaces for professionals and amateurs – depending on the level of the player, we can also provide you with ITF certified surfaces, offering turfs with the appropriate bounce speed (from slow courts to medium-fast and fast courts – ITF rating 5).

The turfs are characterised by high durability and abrasion resistance, even without the need to limit play to 8-10 h/week as with natural grass.

Backfilled with the right amount of quartz sand, the turf provides good grip and, with it, a quick reaction to the ball. RICCONET provides excellent cushioning, ensuring safe, enjoyable play and the elimination of injuries.

The turfs meet the requirements set out in the Polish and European standard PN-EN 15330.


Turfs have the relevant approvals, including those of the International Tennis Federation.